Haunted Basement and the 5 Reasons Why

04 Apr

I got this water bottle from one of my really good friends.  I have known her now for the past 13 years and we went to college together.  She gave me this because at the time, she knew I was into Christian and Catholic regalia.  I went to Rome in 2003 and brought back a whole bunch of stuff from the souvenir shops at the Vatican as well as all of the different churches I visited while traveling.

I am actually really glad I bought them and used them as decoration because the house that I lived in college seriously was haunted (especially my room, none of the other 4 roommates ever visited my room because they always kind of felt creeped out). I felt better with images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary vs. nothing on the walls. I am not Catholic but do believe in spirituality and how powerful objects can be.  Here were the 5 reasons why I felt that house and especially my room was haunted:

1. It was always cold (even if it was a basement room, I had the heat on full blast all the time and even in the summer!)

2. I’ve been woken up during the middle of the night by someone whispering my name

3. I had the doors open and close on their during the middle of the night when I knew everyone else was asleep.  My room was right in front of the stairs so if there was anyone coming down the steps, I could hear them a mile a way

4. Never felt right, always felt off, grouchy and irritable for no reason and my relationships with the 4 other friends deteriorated  while living together (we lived together in an apartment the previous year and we were fine)

5. Felt oppressed and just heavy feeling.  I have had this feeling in places where I didn’t want to be and I tried my best to not stay in my room unless I had to sleep there.

I still have the other items and I think will post them later.  Has anyone else had these experiences?  Please leave me your comments, I would love to hear about your stories!


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2 responses to “Haunted Basement and the 5 Reasons Why

  1. bucklesandbraces

    April 4, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    my friend ella, she used to live in a haunted house and when she woke up in the middle of the night, she always saw a little girl ghost sleeping next to her, and she used to look out of her window and see the same little girl walking down the path towards her house, and the taps used to turn on and off and one time her brother lewis was in the house on his own when all the radios turned on by themselves! i’ve heard creaking from my loft, but i think that’s just because it’s a fairly creaky house!


  2. newjeans04

    April 4, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Wow, that is a lot more intense than what I experienced. Was she scared? It sounds like she was pretty strong and didn’t fear these ghosts. Still to this day, I have not “seen” a ghost….don’t know if I ever want to. >.<



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